Artist at Play

I am a Yorkshire lass born and raised in the beautiful countryside of England. I had a rich childhood, despite the struggles of growing up during the war. Somehow during that time I found refuge in the landscape and saw beauty in the lush nature that surrounded the place I grew up. With an enormous love of the artistic I received a scholarship to York College of Arts, which was quite an accomplishment in those days even though I wasn’t able to take advantage of the gift at that time. In my early twenties, I moved to BC and eventually settled down to have a family. My artistic creativeness was put on hold while I raised my girls. However, due to my creative undercurrents, once my girls grew up and I finally retired from a lifelong profession, my artistic spark for learning and painting was once again reignited.

I experimented with different media styles and techniques and learnt how to bring my paintings to life. I used photography to capture images of scenes and objects that I would later paint on canvas. I let the spirit move me and I painted what felt right.

To my surprise I was beginning to find myself. By learning to express how I see form and translate it onto canvas, I realized that what was missing in my life was revealing itself right in front of my eyes with every brushstroke.

And now, every time I create a painting it is like the process of writing in a diary. The act helps me to remember where I have come from and where I am going. 



Welcome to my Webpage


Throughout the years I have carried a camera with me wherever I go.  I love what I can do with photography.  I now try to bring that joy of photography to the canvas whenever I can.

I love making art. The process is so creative, and a way to learn the skills I needed to possibly venture into other areas. 

My first foray into painting was with oils, I was amazed and delighted. Then I tried watercolours. With this medium I enjoy the fact that, most of the time, I don’t know what shapes my colours will end up taking.

Acrylics have given me a chance to play with texture and building form. 

Painting for me is a way of taking chances with creativity. I believe that allowing for chance to exist introduces a way of stepping out of myself and into the unknown, which can be a frightening feeling at first but after seeing what my paintbrush can do, the experience has become a passion for play.

I am an active member of the North Shore Artists Guild.